Environmentally-Sensitive Coatings – Suppliers’ Innovations

June 17, 2009

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When coating manufacturers began responding to consumer preferences for low-and zero-VOC coatings to control harmful emissions to the environment, they took the challenge wholeheartedly, reformulating all of their products and even went as far as to redesign major flagship products, turning them into ecologically-sustainable commercial building painting offerings.

These inevitably behooved the painting suppliers industry to keep up with the requirement of the coatings manufacturers. On their side they have been busy launching their own green initiatives, embarking on product re-evaluation and re-design in an effort to cut down on harmful substances emission from coating supplies.

They began searching for more environmentally-sensitive raw materials and resources, innovating on green biocide components for commercial building painting products. Protective biocide agents that have lesser hazardous components came rolling out of manufacturer’s chemistry labs and into the market.

Paint suppliers’ research and development efforts resulted to innovations on painting ingredients and components, from binders, pigments and additives that are not only environmentally-sensitive, but also cost-efficient and with above-standard performance.

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