Epoxies for Deck Coatings Project

November 11, 2009

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After the initial and general deck requirements have been identified, the next crucial factor in implementing a successful deck coatings project is addressing the technical project requirements, specifically, the epoxy coatings to use for the project. Below are some guidelines when planning for the installation of the epoxy coatings system for the facility decks:

1. Specify the actual condition of the deck to be worked on. Varying epoxy coatings products are suitable for varying deck conditions. If the deck is used as an outside landing — exposed to moisture — a waterproofing epoxy coatings system may be the necessary solution. If there are cracks along a concrete deck, on the other hand, then concrete epoxy coatings sealers should be specified before any installation is to take place.

2. Consider the function of the deck when choosing the epoxy coatings product to use. While most decks function as regular traffic-bearing areas, there maybe special conditions that surround certain deck structures. These unique conditions should be taken into consideration when choosing the epoxy coatings product. The simplest example is, if extremely heavy vehicular traffic assaults the deck daily, a tough and impact-resistant epoxy coatings system should be installed.

3. Conduct a verification of epoxy coatings product performance. This can be done through evaluation of manufacturer’s data sheets, and any results of product tests and actual performance. Product verification is an effective way to compare many epoxy coatings options, and single out the most appropriate epoxy coatings system for the deck project.

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