What is Epoxy Coating and Why it Matters

July 15, 2016

Example of Epoxy Coating in Commercial space
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What is Epoxy Coating?

An epoxy coating is a thick protective material that is commonly used to to protect decks and  floors. For any epoxy, there are two primary parts to the equation: the resin and the curing agent. When the resin and the curing agent react together the hardening process occurs.

Although there are many different types of epoxy coating available, they are almost all made out of epoxy resins – a chemical also know as polyepoxides. This coating is very durable, and is highly resistant to rust and corrosion

Why Does Epoxy Coating matter?

Epoxy formulas have been an essential material in the building industry for more than half a century. This tough-as-nails coating can withstand a lot of traffic and abuse, while protecting the underlying substrate from the damage-inducing agents that are common in commercial and industrial environments. This makes them a much more optimal choice for commercial and industrial projects than latex-based or alkyd-based paints.

In addition to their exceptional mechanical and insulating qualities, epoxy coatings are extremely resistant to chemicals and heat. They also carry impressive adhesive capabilities, which translate into decks and floors that remain intact longer, even under intense physical strain.

While some coating applications are suitable only for certain types of surfaces, epoxy coatings can be applied with equal effectiveness to nearly any deck or flooring material, from concrete to steel.

Fast-dry epoxy can be particularly beneficial in facilities where production or other downtime must be avoided. With reduced drying times, the project can be completed sooner to prevent lengthy interruption of operations.

Where is Epoxy Coating Used?

Epoxy coating is popular in many different industries, but is often used in industrial and commercial spaces. In any commercial or industrial setting, extensive foot traffic and heavy machinery lead to massive wear and tear on flooring, which can result in structural damage. In additional these environments often contain harsh chemicals that could be spilled onto floors and decks, causing even further damage.

Epoxy coating is also used on steel structures, machinery and piping, providing optimum protection against large/fine particle abrasion, turbulence, cavitation, corrosive fluids, high/low temperatures, impact and compressive forces.. When applied during pipe insulation, epoxy coating can prevent leaks and even strengthen the pipe.

Getting the right finish with an epoxy resin can take a bit of patience. The hardest part is mixing the epoxy in the appropriate ratio and the correct timing of the product application.. Having appropriate tools is really important to getting it right. There are also certain circumstances where an epoxy coating is not the best choice. Raider Painting works with clients to determine the optimal deck or floor coating solution for each individual facility, whether it’s epoxy-based coating, elastomeric, or concrete seals and finishes.

Regardless of the type of deck coating used, Raider Painting will work around your operating schedule – including nights, weekends, and holiday hours – so that you can keep your business running during the coating process.

Commercial Painting California: Epoxy Coating

To learn more about how we use epoxy coatings to help businesses get significantly more longevity out of their investments, take a look at our epoxy coatings service and our epoxy steel coatings service. Contact us any time to get a professional consultation from commercial painting contractors for your next project.


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