Epoxy Coating Considerations for Decks and Floors

July 2, 2009

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Industrial coatings contractors can provide the best quality work when it comes to applying epoxy coating systems to decks and floors. Applying epoxy coating begins with the correct surface preparation. To prepare deck or floor surfaces prior to coating, they should be thoroughly cleaned and dried. Only through a careful cleaning process will any minute dirt that can contaminate the surface be completely removed.

Coatings experts also decide at some point before epoxy coating is applied, whether or not to thin the coating mixture. Some applications may not require thinning of the epoxy coating, but in cases when thinning is recommended, the thinning and mixing should always comply carefully with specification standards.

After surface preparation, the next process that requires proper execution is the application process itself. Skilled coating applicators may apply the epoxy coating using brushes or rollers, depending on the preference of the applicator or the needs of the deck or floor to be coated. At all times, applicators should use only clean tools and equipments, again to prevent contaminating the surface with dirt or dust.

To observe safety prior, during and after application, harmful solvents must be handled carefully according to manufacturer’s Material Safety Data Sheets. Safety guidelines should also be observed as early as during surface preparation until post-application cleanup and waste disposal, to avoid encountering health and safety risks to involved personnel and facility residents.

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