Epoxy Coating for Industrial Decks and Floors

June 30, 2009

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The versatile epoxy coating exhibits good performance in providing protective resistance to decks and floors. Epoxy coating is flexible to use in any type of surface, be it concrete, wood or steel.

One of the main reasons why epoxy coating is valuable to industrial facilities is its high resistance to caustic solvents, alkalis and acids commonly found in factory floors. Manufacturing industries such as chemical processing plants, food processing plants, and waste treatment plants often require the use of caustic chemicals in their day-to-day production operations. These chemical solvents can seep or spill on the floor or decks of industrial facilities during handling and act immediately to adversely affect the surfaces they land on. Epoxy coating products, often liquid-applied polyurethane elastomers, provide a solution to these abrasive chemicals. Epoxy coating delivers high-quality waterproofing with good adhesion, abrasion and impact resistance.

Epoxy coating products are also very suitable for areas constantly exposed to mechanical stresses or heavy equipments, preventing the flooring from being ruptured or damaged because of the heavy-load activities.

Another use of epoxy coating is as floor toppings with high dielectric parameters, making it an effective electrical encapsulation grout. Modified epoxy coating is also useful as an inductive loop sealer for coating rebars and in sewage processing plants because of its high resistance to raw sewage damage.

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