Epoxy Coatings to the Rescue

December 7, 2010

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There are many problems involving facility floors, which are by nature one of the most heavily-used areas in the facility. Epoxy coatings or coatings of any kind may seem a “thin” protection from daily hard pounding and physical assaults, but surprisingly these coatings serve an important role as the first line of defense from the daily pressures placed upon facility floors.

Particularly in the case of concrete floors, which are often the foundation of floorings in commercial and industrial facilities, epoxy coatings provide the following essential services:

1. Increase resistance to chemical and caustic materials spilled on floors.

2. Prevent concrete sweating from moisture seeping out of concrete pores.

3. Lessen the accumulation of dust and dirt particles.

4. Improve the non-skid properties of the floor surface.

5. Enhance the appearance of floors.

Applying epoxy coatings to facility floors require some major considerations, because of the budget constraints and the effect of application downtime to the facility. The wrong choice of epoxy coatings, or an improper surface preparation, can lead to unpleasant consequences that will last until the next maintenance window, or with added costs. Potential flooring problems are too costly and the facility has to bear with the effects for a long time.

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