Epoxy Floor Coatings Solve Many Types of Floor Problems

May 8, 2012

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Facility managers often use epoxy floor coatings to solve many types of floor problems, such as those below:

1. Floor Damage

Daily human and vehicular activities can cause flooring to deteriorate. Dropped loads can impact floors. The caustic sting of spilled chemicals can bring damage and produce floor cracks and tears.

 2. Protection Breakdown

 When the floor’s protective coatings layer breaks down, the floors are exposed to gradual deterioration. Floors get more slippery when waterproofing protection deteriorates. The onset of corrosion is possible and even dirt and stains become harder to remove, when protective coatings are no longer effective. .

 3. Aesthetic Deterioration

 Hard-to-remove stains, fading colors, or normal wear and tear are visually unappealing and contribute to floor deterioration. This negative appearance affects the facility’s image and reputation.

 Flooring Solutions Using Epoxy Coatings

 Facility managers invest in epoxy coatings to assure good performance of facility floors. The correct application of high-quality epoxy coatings provides the following benefits:

 1. Damage-resistant floors

Epoxy coatings repair floor damages and provide long-lasting protection against future damages. They protect floors from moisture intrusion and chemical spillage. They are also highly-resistant to damages brought by corrosion or air pollution.

 2. Long-lasting floors

 Epoxies act as excellent barriers against constant traffic, physical impact or toxic spills. Epoxy-coated flooring systems often possess a long useful life with minimal repairs.

 3. Beautiful floors

 Epoxy coatings create stylish-looking floors out of ordinarily drab and gray concrete surfaces. Tired-looking floors can be refurbished with interesting colors to inspire visitors, tenants and workers. 

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