Extend the Life of your Concrete Flooring

May 14, 2014

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Deck coatings can be of assistance in maintaining your floors. Whether the floor you need coated is that of a factory, warehouse or any other industrial site, you can be sure that the floors will endure some damage if not properly protected. Coating your floor can help to maintain the life and appearance of the floor and using a high-performance floor coating can help your floor to stand up to daily abuse.

Coatings have been used in the United States since the 1700’s. Alkyds and enamels were the standard into the early 1900’s. In the 1940’s and 1950’s polyurethanes and resins were introduced. In the 1970’s, the industry (largely driven by regulations) began to pay attention to environmental concerns. This trend continued into the 90’s. Today producers of coatings are pushing forward on two fronts; production/application technology as well as formulation technology.

Commercial and industrial facilities often have a greater need for high-performance epoxy coating products than ordinary buildings. Deck coatings are one of the more challenging aspects of professional painting and coating. The deck surface takes repeated impacts and abrasions, as well as the general wear and tear of heavy traffic. Prior to coating, the surface preparation of the floor is important. Preparing the floor guarantees durability and finish quality of the coating. If the prep work is not up to par, the deck coating will have a dramatically shorter working life.

When thinking about painting, interior and exterior walls are usually what comes to mind first. Painting, sealing, or coating is an equally important consideration for your exterior decks and interior flooring. Properly preparing the floor for a coating will add years of use to the floor. However, the type of floor and the coating to apply will determine the methods to use for preparing the floor. Preparing the floor guarantees durability and a quality finish.

Deck Coating Application
It is best to rely on the professionals for such jobs. They are familiar with the challenges that you may incur when trying to do such a job on your own.  They often recommend epoxy-based floor coatings for industrial businesses. Epoxy- based floor coatings are not only capable of withstanding immense pressure; they also provide outstanding protection from heat and chemical damage. This can offer solutions to help keep your floor not just functional, but looking great as well. It can help ensure maximum satisfaction.

When it comes time to coat your commercial or industrial floor, you will want to work with a professional painting contractor to determine which coating best fits your needs. This is a big job, but allowing the professionals to help guide you as well as inform you on your choices can be beneficial. Deck coatings can help to maintain the life and overall appearance of your commercial or industrial floor.

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