Exterior Paint Options are Driven Primarily by Location

April 6, 2012

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Exterior painting contractors are often challenged by the different conditions and requirements posed by exterior painting projects.

Through the years, the lessons learned at each finished project have advanced the paint technology. As a result of these advances, today’s exterior paints cater to nearly every condition ever encountered during exterior painting project implementation.

Location-Driven Paint Considerations

Exterior painting contractors and paint manufacturers agree that one of the most common conditions that often have to be met when it comes to exterior painting projects is the one dictated by location. Geographical differences are apparent in construction styles and material preferences. Location therefore dictates the selection of exterior paint to be used.

For instance, the Southwest is the home of masonry and stucco exteriors. These substrates require primers and top coats appropriate for cementitious materials. In the Southeast, weather-resistant formulations are used by exterior painting contractors to withstand year-long exposure to wind and rain. In mountainous locations, on the other hand, sun-resistant and UV-absorbing resinous formulations are used.

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