Facilities Maintenance – Factors for Consideration

February 5, 2009

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Professional coatings contractors have the proven experience to do facilities maintenance efficiently and effectively. The added benefit that building owners get when they decide to hire the right industrial coatings contractor is the guarantee for the work done. This work guarantee provides the facility manager with assurance that in case the job was not properly done or the finished product has a defect or problem, the industrial coatings contractor will shoulder the cost of re-doing the job, not the building owners.

Another important consideration why building owners often hire the right industrial coatings contractor is the complexity of the requirements for the maintenance project. The factors that make the project complex or not are the following:

• Type of coating
• Strength, durability
• Drying and/or curing time
• Cost of equipment needed
• Cost of labor based on time
• Downtime for facility
• Condition of surface

If the combined factors, when assessed in light of the project requirements, result to a complexity that, when evaluated against the skills of the in-house maintenance crew, turns out to be beyond their capability to deliver, then the decision to hire an industrial coatings contractor will be a better and safer choice.

In the hands of the right industrial coatings contractors, the combination of these factors will assure that the facility maintenance job will be successful. For example, choosing the most appropriate coating product, and having the right equipment and technology will ensure that the building surface will be protected from damages. Building walls and facades can be protected from microorganism damage and pollution when the correct product is applied, because the type of building surface has been carefully considered.

Facility maintenance is an indispensable activity to keep a building in good condition. It is up to the facility manager to weigh the requirements of any maintenance project and decide on a case-to-case basis, while taking careful consideration of the environmental regulations and technical factors for the project, on whether to hire the right industrial coatings contractor or leave the project to the in-house maintenance team.

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