Facility Maintenance – Hire an Industrial Coatings Contractor or Keep it In-House?

February 2, 2009

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The maintenance of a building or facility is a necessary process that has to be conducted in order to keep the building in good condition. It is an essential activity done regularly to increase the life span and livability of the facility. Facility managers and building owners consider building maintenance as an unavoidable cost of ownership, and a necessary overhead expense in operating the facility.

In addition, industrial coatings are usually subject to environmental regulations covering issues on air, water and waste that aim to protect users or residents of the building from environmental hazards. One specific regulation is the EPA’s Solvent Emissions Directive (SED) PG6/23 2007 Compliance regulation that aims to reduce solvent emissions in industrial coatings.

Because of the cost involved and the need to comply with environmental regulations, it is often more advisable to obtain the help of the right industrial coatings contractor before beginning any kind of maintenance project. The industrial coatings contractor can provide accurate cost estimates and ensure project compliance to environment regulations.

On the other hand, there are certain jobs that are more cost-efficient when done in-house. Small jobs like floor re-sealing require only a small maintenance crew and a span of two days or so to complete. As long as the in-house crew has the appropriate skill-set, in-house maintenance can sometimes be more cost-beneficial.

It is the responsibility of the facility manager or building owner to weigh carefully the pros and cons of hiring an industrial coatings contractor versus keeping the job in-house. Factors such as cost, downtime, performance, safety and quality standards will be the yardstick from which to base the final decision of who to hire to ensure the success of the building maintenance project.

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