Why You Need Facility Maintenance from Professionals

August 1, 2013

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All commercial properties require the completion of several different repairs and maintenance projects; this work helps to keep the property in a state that catches the eye of prospective customers.

That being said, for people who like to look at individual jobs, like landscaping, glass cleaning, painting, repairs, and so on, it can start to feel overwhelming when you think about everything that needs to get done and how many companies you are going to have to call to do it. A quicker and cheaper way to do this is to put your faith in a facility maintenance company that can do all of these things; this way, you only have to deal with one service provider.

Due in part to the fast rate of technological advancement, commercial and business properties have become harder and harder to manage and are becoming more difficult. Consequently, the management and maintenance of properties like these has become quite complex; typically, you need several different companies to take care of your painting, lawn care, electrical work, HVAC, building security, and so on. The best choice is a full-service maintenance service; building managers all over are discovering the benefits of employing a full service maintenance provider — someone who can handle all of the many projects that come up when you have a commercial property.

At the same time you are choosing the integrated property maintenance company you want to work with, you should also be looking at the jobs that need to be done and rank them by priority — from those that are high priority to those that are less crucial. After that’s done, be sure that you hire a company with the qualifications that are exactly what you will need. For example, if you live in a cold climate, recognizing that your maintenance company can also do the snowplowing can be a significant advantage or even a prerequisite to signing with them. Along these lines, if you have a big parking area, look for someone who knows how to maintain blacktop so you don’t have to locate another company to do this type of maintenance.

To begin with, decide which services are only used as needed and which ones you would consider ongoing. For instance, most property managers have a regular landscaping crew that performs scheduled outdoor landscaping work. You might also include pest control, janitorial services, and inspections here. Whenever you consider using a full-service maintenance company, make sure they will be performing the critical tasks. Also, attempt to estimate any other on-demand services that may occur (parking lot maintenance, for example) and ask if that is something the company supplies.

Simultaneously, use common sense in anticipating what you can expect from your service. If they start claiming they can handle “everything”, they could be over-representing their abilities and you could end up on the receiving end of undesirable work. If they really are a landscaping service but represent that they do also do roofing, you probably want to look for a roofing company to work on your job. In any event, locating an extensive building maintenance service can translate into having more effective service later on, so think about it carefully.

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