Facility Maintenance – When to Hire an Industrial Coatings Contractor

February 3, 2009

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Facility maintenance projects that involve industrial coatings are often subject to strict environmental regulations for human protection and safety. In addition to environmental regulations, there are other factors in a maintenance project that require the expertise of an industrial painting contractor. These factors are performance of the coating product, product strength and durability, and coating product life cycle.

The industrial coating contractor can provide the most accurate specifications for the maintenance project. The contractor can also arrive at the necessary warranties for the products and services to be rendered.

Most often in facility maintenance projects, surface repairs need to be done on the property before the coating can be applied. An experienced coating contractor can provide surface repairs and add it to the total cost of the project. As to project cost, the coating contractor can draw up a cost breakdown of time, materials and labors required by the project, based on cost factors like the type of building surface and its current condition, the preparation time, and the type of application or product to be used.

There are cases, however when an in-house maintenance crew is best suited for a particular maintenance project. Many coating jobs need to be conducted in a series of time schedules, and an in-house crew can work around the facility’s schedule to reduce downtime. Building owners must always consider tenants and clients before implementing any maintenance project, and downtime scheduling adds to the challenge of implementing the project. Hence a flexible in-house crew can serve this purpose better.

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