Facility Managers Choose Epoxy Floor Coatings

May 8, 2012

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Facility managers often rely on brand reputation and first-hand experience in selecting the best epoxy coatings products to use. Cost consideration is also a major deciding factor.

They also choose based on the particular flooring needs. If the facility floor is used in manufacturing, chemical spills may be common. The product to use should be highly-resistant to toxic substances, abrasions and corrosion damages. For warehouse floors, strong and durable epoxy coatings may be appropriate. This helps the floors withstand the heavy physical activities and traffic common to warehouses.

Often, too, facility managers choose between solvent-based or water-based epoxy systems. Water-based products are cheaper but less durable than solvents. The latter may be stronger, yet it is more expensive and is known to harm the environment.

Epoxy Coatings Experts

The key to a successful flooring system installation is proper surface preparation and application. Facility managers should keep this in mind when faced with the decision of whether to have an in-house crew do the job or not.

Although application of epoxy coatings systems is easy, it involves the correct execution of many tasks. A large floor area can magnify the work scope. To assure the successful coatings application, facility managers often chose to work with a professional coatings company.

Their expertise and experience guarantee quality application. They identify the most appropriate preparation methods, coatings and colors for the floors. For low-downtime floors, they provide quick delivery of the job. Expert painters often pull the job at more reasonable costs than when the job is done in-house.


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