Facility Managers follow standards when deciding on contractors

November 9, 2011

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Facility managers should employ the following standard when deciding on contractors.

1) License to operate – this is a license to legally work in the State or area where the job is located.

2) The contractor’s organizational structure is the determining factor for key management and technical persons that the contractor provides for a project.

3) Contractor’s resources – determine if the contractor has sufficient resources, for example employees, tools and time, to complete the job on time.

4) Experience – whether the contractor has experience working with the coating system that you want.

5) Testimonials from satisfied clients – a recommendation from the contractor’s past clients could benefit the project greatly. You should be able to talk to the contractor’s references.

6) Quality control system – ask for test and calibration data to see if the contractor’s quality control system is operational.

7) The contractors need to be evaluated in terms of health and safety standards, environmental compliance, and insurance.

Once a short list of possible contractors has been drawn up, the facility manager needs to turn their attention to the technical specifications of the job. Consult with the contractor on the kind of painting services which best meets the project requirement.

Down below are a few painting offerings that contractors tend to give for preventative and decorative painting projects:

• Coil or roll coating is a fast process for metal coating
• Dip or immersion coating where parts are dunked in a vessel full of paint
• Dry lubricants are painted over surfaces of machine parts to limit rusting
• Powder coating is utilized for finishing by applying electrostatically-charged dry paint pieces to surfaces
• Web coating places a sheet of paint on surfaces of continuous sheets

Some commercial painting contractors focus on new components coating, harmed surface re-coating, all-purpose painting, or architectural/restoration painting. Contractors also do after-painting things like thermal cleansing, immersion washing, grease removal, taking off stripping or coating, spray washing, and ultrasonic cleansing.

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