A Facility Managers Guide to Paint Failure, Part II

August 4, 2008

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When you budget out for a painting project, you should stack the deck in your favor however you can. Avoiding early paint failure can be as simple as talking with your painting and coatings contractor about the products and practices that will be used on your project.

The Right Products: Not all paints can handle every working environment. Paints are specialized tools that excel at within a limited range of tasks. When you talk with your contractor, make sure that the contractor is aware of how much wear and tear is expected, along with any other considerations unique to your building. A professional painter will be able to tell you why a given paint is the best for your project.

Effective Surface Prep: Although the right products make a difference in avoiding paint failure, effective surface prep is even more important. Surface preparation affects every aspect of paint’s performance, from adhesion to impact resistance. A painting contractor can walk you step by step through the surface preparation techniques that will create the best overall performance for your facility.

Consistent Application: Competent application is necessary for paint to perform as the manufacturer intends. Since application is so important, many paint and coating manufacturers offer contractor certification to painting professionals. The certification process ensures that the painters are skilled in applying painting and coating products in a manner that helps extend the lifespan of the product.

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