Facility Managers’ Wish List for Industrial Coatings Applications

September 8, 2009

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Facility managers often prefer simple yet effective industrial coatings applications that will solve their facility’s repair and maintenance issues. These industrial coatings applications are preferred solutions that ensure the safety of industrial coatings applications workers, the building’s tenants and visitors alike.

A common wish list that facility managers have for industrial coatings applications includes in-site repairs. Facility managers want to eliminate the time spent in removing, transporting, and re-installing structural parts needed for industrial coatings applications.

Often, too, facility managers want to avoid solutions that involve risky activities, such as heat-processing solutions that can cause serious accidents, or complex industrial coatings applications techniques that are hard to execute. Facility managers even shy away from environmentally-detrimental products that can lead to health hazards.

Lastly, when faced with a choice between investing in refurbishments instead of replacements, facility managers would often go in favor of the former, knowing that to do so will save significant amount of time and money.

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