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August 2, 2010

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The building wall exists for a single reason, and that is to provide a sturdy structural foundation for building roofs and ceilings. In modern construction, however, the ordinary wall has gone from mere functional to a multi-purpose building component offering plenty of benefits.

Foremost of these is that they act as effective insulation to protect the building against external elements such as hot, cold, wet and windy climate. They also provide finishing that makes them very effective as commercial wallcoverings in business facilities, industrial plants and even residential homes. Furthermore, wall claddings may also house the components of the building’s electrical or plumbing system. It is not unusual for commercial wallcoverings to contain inner cavities wherein a network of wires, outlets and cables are housed protectively.

Perhaps the most common use of commercial wallcoverings nowadays is as a very attractive art canvas. Eye-pleasing mosaic or mural art works can be installed to enhance the look of commercial wallcoverings. With ingenious changes in textures or the use of colored finishes, a stunning effect can be achieved, making these functional walls beautiful.

Walls are not only useful in building exteriors. They also define the building’s inner layout, separating spaces into rooms. As with exterior walls, they come in a wide range of styles and material choices, providing aesthetic and architectural benefits.

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