Factors behind Industrial Painting Contractors’ Pricing Schemes

January 24, 2011

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Facility managers are often provided with different quotes from industrial painting contractors bidding on the same facility project. Why are the prices so different?

It’s often because all industrial painting contractors have different operational expenses from one other. The business side of painting is the reason why painting companies charge as they do, with their own unique operational environment dictating the pricing factors.

For example, overhead costs may differ from one company to another. But often, the overhead cost of each company can fall into similar categories, such as:

1. Office expenses. The cost of maintaining the industrial painting contractors’ main place of business differs depending on the office size, rental price, office supplies used, and even on electricity and water consumption.

2. Wages and compensation. Staff salaries and workers’ welfare benefits are regular expenditures for painting companies that employ not only technical people like industrial painting contractors, job managers and the like, but also office personnel such as an office manager, secretary, clerk, messenger, to name a few.

3. Transportation expenses. Another major cost for industrial painting contractors are the cost related to travel and vehicle maintenance, repairs or upkeep. Transportation is part of the job of industrial painting contractors that goes to the client’s or supplier’s site for the duration of the project.

These are just a few of the overhead expenses that industrial painting contractors incur, and that they need to include in their project costing. Overhead spending is necessary for their operations and they often have to charge this to clients in order to recoup the said expenses.

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