Factors in Floor Coatings Material Selection

April 11, 2011

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Material selection is needed before installing the most appropriate floor coatings system for facility floors. Facility managers and floor coatings contractors need to study the properties of existing products and compare the costs of each one. They must also take into consideration the very specific requirements and floor conditions in the selection process.

For example, if the floor is built with a concrete surface, and through time holes and hairline cracks have been appearing, the facility manager may inevitably choose to apply a 100%-solid concrete filler to repair the cracks and rents in the surface and to completely restore the floor’s original good condition.

If the facility manager and the floor coatings contractor do finally agree that a 100%-solid concrete formulation will be the best solution for the existing floor conditions, they next shortlist potential products and consider their suitability based now on price. While performance properties are of great importance, all floor coatings products that carry the same desirable properties should now be narrowed down to the most desirable or reasonable price.

Product manufacturers price their products on the basis of measured and expected deliverable performance, which has been determined in laboratory testings and analyses. The quality of raw materials used in manufacturing the products are also factored in. Facility managers must, on other hand, give priority not only on product performance but also whether or not teh product will be capable of meeting the specific requirements of the facility floors, and whether or not the price is acceptable and within range of the facility budget.

The facility manager or painting contractor must spend enough time in this material selection process. This is the only way to ensure that the best-fit flooring product is applied to facility floors.

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