Failure is Not an Option in Corrosion Protection

April 1, 2010

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When it comes to protecting important equipment and major infrastructure from corrosion, facility managers know that failure is unthinkable and is a totally unacceptable event to be avoided at all costs. Equipment and facility structures are the life blood of the business, supporting its entire operations from start to finish. Any failure of these assets can place the business seriously in the red. 

Needless to say, there is no meeting halfway when it comes to infrastructure protection. Either the protection is good enough to prevent catastrophic damages, or not good enough to the detriment of the business. The key to getting the solution right the first time? Hire the best corrosion control contractors in town. 

Hire Only the Best Corrosion Control Contractors

Because of the enormity of the task, and what is at stake, it is extremely critical for facility managers not to hesitate in choosing the best anti-corrosive specialists for the job. To do this begins with an understanding that while there maybe a lot of anti-corrosive painting contractors in the market, only a handful are really experts in anti-corrosive protection coatings. 

Corrosion control contractors that carry a long record of successful anti-corrosive projects should be given priority over contractors with “generic” service offerings.

Why the need for experts in corrosion control? And why won’t a general painting contractor suffice? Again, it’s because of the stakes involved – high costs of damaged infrastructure. And secondly, because experts have specific knowledge and state-of-the-art practices and methodologies that are critical to get the job done right.

Taming Corrosion

Corrosion control contractors should have the deepest knowledge of the sources and causes of corrosion, in order to combat it. With this knowledge, they can develop a coatings strategy that assures the long-term protection of the facility infrastructure. 

The factors that contribute to the corrosive process are numerous – such as environmental elements like the sun, wind, water, and salt. Taking these into consideration, together with other factors such as the length of corrosive exposure, draw a picture of the extent of damage, and how to repair it.

The wrong assessment of the root causes, and the contractor may be in danger of deploying the wrong solution to the problem. And when huge amounts of money are on the line to be spent in implementing the solution, this is money down the drain if the strategy turns out to be ineffective in solving the problem.

Long-Term Protection for the Infrastructure – and the Business

The corrosion control contractors tasked to develop a control and maintenance program for the facility will begin the job in consultation with the facility manager, for an initial appraisal of the problem. A thorough inspection of the problematic structure and its location will draw out more information about the case.

Upon analysis of all information gathered, the corrosion control contractor will provide the facility manager with several choices in protective coatings, all custom-tailored for the unique requirements of the stricken structure. The result is better protection that keeps the business on track, and the facility manager headache-free.

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