Faux & Artistic Finishes Can Improve The Look Of Your Property

July 4, 2011

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Taking care of your commercial facility may require regular upgrades that improve the décor of your building. Faux and artistic finishes are created by experienced commercial painting companies, and these painted effects can provide high-end, designer effects without the cost of expensive flooring or wall coverings.

All about faux and artistic finishes

Faux finishes mimic the look of fine marble, tile, or ceramic – different shades and styles of paint are used to “fool the eye” into perceiving richer, more impressive surface materials and textures. The art of faux & artistic finishes is often incredibly lovely to look at, and the cost of adding these special touches to your property’s walls, ceiling and floors can be much lower than you might expect. However, without the services of trained experts (who have years of experience creating flawless faux & artistic finishes) you may not get the results you really need. In order to trick the eye, these finishes must be expertly applied with the right paints and tools. Faux and artistic finishes always require a more delicate, artistic touch than other types of commercial painting.

Popular styles of faux and artistic finishes

Trompe l’oeil (“fool the eye”) or faux finish design is based on painterly techniques, such as murals using very realistic drawings, in the style of perspectival illusionism. Murals can be painted onto walls or ceilings, and the figures or objects painted on such surfaces will actually appear real from a distance. For example, an alcove may be painted with a vase of flowers sitting on a console table. From a few feet away, it will seem as though these objects really exist. Other trompe l-oeil ideas include “marble” tiles on a ceiling or column, or distressed, antique effects that “age” walls, floors and ceilings for a vintage look. Foyers and hallways can be excellent places for these commercial painting techniques, as they are public, high traffic places; the right faux finishes will add value to a facility by enhancing its beauty…

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