FDA-Approved Floors Coatings for Food Processing Plants

November 16, 2009

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The food processing industry is undoubtedly one of the most critically-demanding industries in terms of requirements for food safe floor coatings applications. Food products of all kinds are, after all, highly-sensitive goods that need special care in processing and handling, to ensure that the target consumers – us, vulnerable humans – are not adversely ingesting any unsafe food materials or ingredients detrimental to our safety and welfare.

And whenever food safety is mentioned, food safe floor coatings in food processing facilities inevitably come to mind, as part of maintaining good environmental conditions.

Unlike ordinary manufacturing floors, food processing floors must comply with some stringent environmental requirements and the standards for compliance of regulating bodies like the Food and Drug Administration or FDA.

The FDA actually has specific guidelines for flooring systems for food processing plants, as well as food safe floor coatings and finishes. FDA-approved and food safe floor coatings must comply with strict safety and hygiene regulations aimed at preventing food-contamination and safety hazards during the many activities involved in food processing.

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