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March 25, 2010

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Fire protection programs are necessary in saving lives and preserving facility assets in the event of fire. Facility managers know the importance of setting up active and passive fire protection systems in and around facility premises, just to prevent the outbreak of fire and combat it in case the fire is already in progress.

One of the most critical passive fire protection system that facility manager install in the facility come in the form of intumescent fire coatings, which are known to retard flames with their unique endothermic properties.

To install these intumescent fire protective coatings systems require the expertise of coatings contractors who have a proven track record for anti-fire coatings systems installation. A long experience with intumescent fire protective coatings applications make the expert contractor a valuable member of the facility’s safety team. Hands-on experience, plus a deep knowledge of the methods and products to use for better fire protection, is a very important criterion when choosing the coatings contractor to work on fire protection projects.

If the fire protective coatings contractors hired for the job are highly-qualified, they can setup superior fire protective coatings systems that have a higher chance of controlling fire outbreaks. Only the application of superior coatings can buy precious time for building tenants to flee to safety, or protect emergency fire-fighting teams from being harmed, as well as lessen the damage to vital facility assets and infrastructures in the event of fire.

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