Five Tips For Graffiti Removal And Prevention: Advice From A Professional Painting Company

January 1, 2009

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Graffiti can be a challenge for any property owner. In graffiti-prone areas, building owners and property managers can enlist the aid of a professional painting company to reduce the risk of property damage, or minimize the impact after the fact. 

A painting company or painting contractor can offer several solutions to preserve your property value. The sooner the contractor is involved and can start work, the better the chances of successful removal. 

Sacrificial Coatings

There are several coatings on the market that are not readily available, but that are sold in bulk to painting companies. 

Non-sacrificial Coatings

These coatings are often clear, hard coatings that painting companies can apply to building exteriors. The exact composition varies depending on the material which needs the protection. These coatings are easily cleaned and protect the actual surface from bonding with the “graffiti agent” (paint, adhesive or permanent marker). 

Combination Coatings

Some painting companies can provide a two-part barrier to graffiti. By incorporating a bottom layer of permanent, non-sacrificial material with a Sacrificial top-coat, this makes graffiti removal exponentially easier than removal from an untreated surface. 

Chemical Graffiti Removal

A painting company professional can offer multiple types of graffiti removal. Their experience can help identify the best product for the removal. Multiple options exist, including poulticing with inert clay base or cellulose material infused with a detergent cleaning agent, water and detergent, organic solvents, alkaline compounds, and bleaches are all tools to attack graffiti. 

Mechanical Graffiti Removal

Most painting companies can offer several mechanical graffiti removal techniques; both dry and wet blasting with abrasives work well under specific conditions. For historical masonry, low pressure micro-abrasion can provide a solution that avoids damage to the surface. Finally, while it is not widely available, several professional painting companies are working to develop reliably-performing laser removal. 

Whatever your needs, the right painting partner can help rescue your building from the perils of graffiti. 

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