Floor Make-Over with Concrete Coatings

July 8, 2010

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When facility floors need a make-over, industrial concrete floor coatings can transform these floors back to their former beauty. Facility floors are dirtied, muddied, chipped, pitted, smeared, scarred, abraded, and generally abused in the course of time. The operational demands of industrial facilities can be brutal to floors. Storage and warehouse facility decks, aviation hangars, garage floors, manufacturing areas, and even commercial shopping centers exact a high price on their flooring systems.

For floor beautification projects, industrial concrete floor coatings options are not hard to find in the market. Here are some of these options:

1. Clear epoxy gloss. Glossy coatings are the standard choice to enhance the look of facility floors. The colorless industrial concrete floor coating can instantly hide tiny imperfections.

2. Shark-grip satin coats. Grips can be added to the mix of industrial concrete floor coating to lend a rough texture. The top coat will have a satin sheen that hides minor damages. The surface is easy to clean and has a skid-resistant property because of the grips.

3. Colored chips. Tiny multi-hued chips can be applied on a still-wet top coat of industrial concrete floor coatings. Measured amounts of chips are thrown and bounced off walls and ceilings at a certain distance from each batch, or applied from a pail with holes in the bottom, to achieve the desired look and chip density.

In refurbishing the floor system, surface cleaning is required to remove dirt on the upper layers. But the old finish may have to be fully stripped down when it is already in an advanced state of deterioration.

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