Floor Safety Markings Applications

March 17, 2010

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To comply with OSHA standards for workers safety in the workplace, facility managers need to install floor safety markings to clearly mark passageways and aisles in the facility. These access paths should be well-maintained and in good condition, and clearly illuminated with substantial lighting to allow people, materials, equipments and vehicles to pass safely everyday.

Floor safety markings are installed in or near places frequently used for passage, such as in car parks, service areas, storage areas, stairs, and lobbies. Hospitals, malls, sports complex or stadiums, and generally, all places frequented by the public are often applied with floor safety markings to ensure the safety of many.

In commercial and industrial facilities, floor safety markings assure the unimpeded passage of workers and materials from one point in the facility to another. These floor marking applications lessen the occurrence of accidents, and eliminate operational delays.

Floor safety markings are commonly applied on floors as simple lines, either colored or not. Some floor markings are more complex, showing instructional signs and symbols.T here are also floor safety markings that are made up of words and phrases that aim to provide clearer information.

Paints are commonly used for floor safety markings, especially in outdoor areas, because they are impervious to water run-offs. Tape strips are also used because they are easier to apply, come in a variety of colors, and entail less application downtime.

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