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July 1, 2013

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Elastomeric coatings are polymer coatings that provide extraordinary flexibility and have significant water proofing qualities. These benefits are derived from the chemical makeup and linkages formed when the coating cures after application.

A common use for elastomeric coatings is in roof coating and protection. One such product is Firestone’s Fluid Applied Metal Roofing System. Made of 100% acrylic polymer, it is an example of the new and effective elastomeric roof coatings available today.

When applied to a facility’s roof, it can significantly reduce the heat load generated by the roof’s exposure to the sun. When a roof heats up it forces the building to generate more cooling to maintain the interior temperature. Elastomeric coatings can reduce the roof temperature by as much as 100 degrees when lighter colored coatings are used. This translates to as much as a 15% savings in energy, which earns them the Energy Star approval.

The coatings are extremely durable, and because of their monolithic application, they also provide outstanding waterproofing protection. Since the coatings are formulated using high solids content, they are also environmentally friendly.

They can be applied in one coat or two, and provide a high fill, uniform coating. This means that they seal and protect existing roofs extremely effectively.

These coatings also protect the facility from airborne pollutants, dust and emissions due to their seamless qualities. They provide an unbroken, seamless envelope of protection for the roof when applied properly.

Because of their significant adhesive qualities, elastomeric coatings such as Firestone’s can bring new life to existing metal roofs. Rather than the costly process of having to replace a damaged or aging roof, a waterproofing contractor can apply elastomeric coatings that allow the roof to be renewed and give years of additional service.

In some locales they may even qualify for a tax deduction, due to their energy saving properties.

If your roof is showing signs of age, an elastomeric roof coating system may be the perfect answer for your company.

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