Food Plant Painting: Things to Consider

June 21, 2012

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Choosing a contractor for food plant painting purposes is not something that should be done impulsively. There are several things that need to be contemplated – including whether or not the epoxy-based solutions you are investing in will be approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Quality control is a serious issue, and an outbreak in the food you produce could cause serious illness, death, and the reputation of your company being irreparably damaged.

Do remember that the process of getting this job done will vary upon whether or not you enlist the help of a contractor with your project or not. It can be important for you to draw up an intricate specification of the task at hand, particularly if you want uniformity and adherence with company guidelines throughout a portfolio of commercial properties.

Technology is changing all of the time for food plant painting, and currently, an epoxy primer base underneath by a polyurethane topcoat is the most common FDA-approved technique which is used.

Choose a contractor that has experience in renovating existing commercial properties in order to become safer for the purposes of food production. As many businesses will testify, boasting the luxury of brand-new premises which are already FDA safe isn’t always a possibility!

Make sure you get the recommendations of experts, ensure that the coatings you choose are compatible with surfaces in your factories, and finally, double-check what maintenance would be required to ensure that the coating works to the best of its function. This way, you can ensure that the sumptuous goods you produce are safe for consumption.

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