Food Safe Floor Coatings Systems

November 18, 2012

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The Food and Drugs Administration or FDA has some stringent standards for safety and sanitation in food processing plants, and this includes the facility layout and flooring systems within the facility premises. The guidelines for compliance are strictly observed, from manufacturing floor layouts, right down to the food safe floor coatings systems installed.

This is because the FDA is mandated to protect consumers against any health-threatening agents that may be released from food processing plants, and consequently ingested by humans. Many pathogens such as the as e. coli bacteria, listeria and salmonella are very harmful to the human population. There have been many cases of pathogen outbreaks in the past that had negatively affected the general public.

The FDA knows that these pathogens thrive in improperly-processed food products, which is due to unsanitary environments in food processing plants. Floors are one of the perfect breeding ground for these pathogens, and failure to install food safe floor coatings system can result to pathogen-infested floors. In the course of daily operations, accidental spillage or leaks in floors may transmit these pathogens directly to the food or ingredients being processed.

Food safe floor coatings can help protect food processing plant floors from damage, deterioration, and pathogen infestation. Installing food safe floor coatings systems in the facility is one way to obtain FDA certification, and avoids costly product recalls, fines, and forced closures resulting from compliance violations.

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