Four Ways to Reduce Your Downtime in the Workplace

October 1, 2011

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Implement the following four ways to reduce your downtime in the workplace. As a business owner you can apply different methods to make sure that the business is productive and it runs at full capacity at all times. Not many business owners realize that using paint systems and certain types of industrial paint can increase staff and equipment performance. Included are four tips to optimize productivity and increase performance.

1. Apply heat reflective roof coating to the walls and roof. This will reduce the temperature inside the workplace and create a more productive work environment for staff. It can reduce temperatures by 47%. The paint liquid acts as a reflector and reduces the heat. The liquid is also able to bridge gaps which in return give the area a new lease on life. Not only will you reduce downtime you will reduce overall cooling costs like for example air conditioning.

2. Use a multi-purpose ceramic coating that is able to decrease sound and creates an insulating barrier. Open plan offices struggle to improve productivity levels; however they do not realize that high noise levels can cause many problems. Using industrial paint to reduce noise will help staff to concentrate and focus on the work at hand.

3. If the building is an old building, get a professional to evaluate the paint. Chances are that the paint is still old and it contains lead. Lead can cause health problems. Repaint with environmental friendly industrial paint. You will be surprised to see that there is a reduction in your staff being sick and an increase in work performance. You can even go so far to paint the walls in colors that enhance productivity for example to create a calm, peaceful atmosphere you will use light blue colors or if you want busy and on the go the red and orange are the colors to opt for.

4. Using the right floor coating can also make a difference. Epoxy floor coatings can create a safe environment due to the fact that it is easy to clean and it acts as a moisture barrier for grease. You still need to add non-slip epoxy. This will reduce accidents and ensure staff safety. In return staff will be at work and not at home recovering from a work incident.

There are many other industrial paint options that you can carry out. To make sure you use the right paint you require the aid of a professional painting contractor. They will be able to evaluate the entire workplace and give valuable constructive advice. It is wise to gain knowledge regarding the products to make sure that you are using a reliable person or company.

If you carry out the four ways to reduce your downtime in the workplace you will start looking for other alternatives to increase performance. As a director or business owner it your responsibility to make sure that your staff is happy. Creating a safe, healthy and inviting work environment will help you achieve results.

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