Frequently Asked Questions about Sandblasting

June 20, 2011

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Sandblasting can be a great way to make a tired-looking driveway, pavement or another surface look brand new. It’s important to take pride in the appearance of a commercial property; after all, first impressions matter.

Q: What does sandblasting involve?

A: Sandblasting is the process of cleaning a surface of any dirt or other toxins that can gather over time and pose a health risk, while also looking highly unattractive.

Q: Is this a commonly-used technique?

A: Not only is it one of the best ways to extensively clean a surface, but it’s one of the oldest, too – originally being pioneered in the late 19th century. Of course, the technique has been refined even further thanks to the specialist equipment used in the industry today.

Q: Does sandblasting just remove dirt?

A: Far from it. Did you know that this process is widely used when asbestos need to be removed? In addition, poison and even radioactive waste can be removed effectively when sandblasting is implemented in the treatment program.

Q: What types of sand and grain are used by contractors?

A: Research has found that silica sand delivers the best results, and you should look for contractors that use these materials when treating surfaces. Some companies use a specially-designed resin that lowers the risk of dust being ingested after application.

Q: Does sandblasting have the potential to damage the surface during the cleaning process?

A: No, if the right materials are used. In addition to silica sand, it’s common for corn starch, sodium bicarbonate and nut kernels to be used during sandblasting to ensure that the surface remains in top condition and doesn’t need replacing.

There you are: the ultimate FAQ list needed to make an informed decision about whether sandblasting is the best way to maintain surfaces in your commercial properties. The accompanying image to this post shows someone using sandblasting to remove rust on a wall.

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