Get Color and Polish on Your Seamless Epoxy Floors

March 16, 2011

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Concrete floors are strong and durable, the epitome of function. But do you know that concrete floors can also increase their attractiveness meter with the help of epoxy resin flooring systems? Yes, epoxy resin flooring applications can bring out concrete’s charm with a wide range of color finish and seamless polish formulations. Without sacrificing the original function and performance that concrete is best known for.

To get this polished, colored and seamless epoxy floors, epoxy resin flooring contractors begin by diamond-grinding the concrete surface to make it even and smooth. A skilled epoxy resin flooring specialist knows how to spot the inherent strengths and characteristics of a particular concrete surface, and use this knowledge to work the surface and achieve the desired seamless effect. The use of the right epoxy coatings, as well as the correct formulation and application of these coatings, contributes to the final floor appearance. Epoxy resin flooring sealers or top coats are often carefully chosen and applied to produce the final floor finish that looks polished and beautiful.

Epoxy resin flooring contractors often use concrete dye to create beautiful floors. Dyed concrete requires a work environment free of dust as much as possible during application. The dye-ing process allows only a limited window of time for application, but the result is beautiful and can last for many years. The resulting polished floors hardly need maintenance, and are very easy to clean. Facility managers love the savings they earn from lesser maintenance and upkeep costs, and for a long time, too!

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