Get the Right Paint for Your Warehouse Floors

August 25, 2010

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Facility managers and painting contractors should always collaborate when selecting the right warehouse floor coatings for the facility’s warehouse floors. While these floors are often taken for granted in the facility, it is very important to restore them to their good condition when they suffer damage and deterioration. Failure to do so can potentially interrupt facility operations and even pose some harm to the facility occupants.

For warehouse floor coatings products, experts advise to avoid specifying and buying products that are of old technology. The advantage of modern technology is in the innovations on coating chemistry. Improved chemical properties dictate the performance of the adhesive bond, the ability to resist most damage catalysts, and provide superior protection. Obsolete technology cannot guarantee a coatings failure-free application. Furthermore, modern coatings use innovative raw materials that are in themselves important contributors to the increased performance of warehouse floor coatings.

Another good source of information on the performance of warehouse floor coatings is from manufacturer’s shared data on performance testing. Manufacturers often publish results of laboratory testing of warehouse floor coatings products. Facility managers and painting contractors should take advantage of this information to better evaluate the coating quality.

Building owners must reconcile these criteria with their own standard criteria for warehouse floor coatings, such as the ability to be user-friendly, with a high tolerance to external and internal environments. Facility managers should also choose paints that not only protect warehouse floors but also improve their appearance.

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