Good Chemistry = Quality Deck Coatings

September 22, 2009

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In the goal to lengthen the useful life of deck coatings in industrial and commercial facilities, facility owners and painting contractors agree as one that chemical and toxic damages are some of the most common causes of deck coatings failure. Harsh chemical substances can degrade the integrity of deck coatings, leading to gradual discoloration, cracking and ultimate irreversible damage.

Because of the threat posed by chemical spillage to deck coatings, research and development work have focused more and more in the creation of chemical-resistant deck formulations. What came out of the labs are innovative coating products that are designed to withstand chemical attacks even at the molecular level. Many of these formulations feature cross-linked polymers that stay impervious against chemical damages.

Today’s products are also designed to be non-toxic, non-flammable, and nearly odorless., and are easier to apply. Perhaps one of the major triumphs of chemistry labs is the lowered VOC emissions in deck coatings, which significantly lowers health and safety risks.

Some deck coating formulations are also imbued with fast-drying abilities, as well as the versatility to be useful to any types of applications. All of this chemical engineering has made deck coatings and applications more enduring than ever.

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