Got any Graffiti Repellant?

July 31, 2008

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There are two roads to graffiti resistance. One way to reduce the time and money spent dealing with graffiti is to use graffiti resistant paints that are easy to clean from the surface. The other way to fight this problem is to incorporate coatings that actually repel the materials used to deface a building.

Graffiti Resistant Coatings

Polyurethanes are a popular choice for coating manufacturers looking for graffiti resistance. These coatings are either one or two component products. One product polyurethanes are easier to apply, while two component products have better chemical resistance.

The graffiti resistant properties of polyurethane coatings can be enhanced with special hardening agents that prevent graffiti markings from leeching through the layers of coating. Bayer, a leading chemical manufacturer, has developed a waterborne hardener that is highly resistant to penetration, even by marker pens.

Graffiti Repellant Coatings

SEI Chemicals produces a flouro-polyol based coating, GPA-200, which causes spray paint to bead up like rain on a car hood. The coating does not allow paint to latch on to its surface, and greatly simplifies clean-up.

The company also produces a more advanced graffiti repellant paint called GPA-400. In addition to the non-stick qualities of the fluoro-poyol coating, tiny particles of ceramic material allow easy cleaning of surfaces coated with the resin.

Graffiti has been with us since the earliest days of Rome, so this age old problem will not disappear overnight. However, the coatings industry will continue to evolve and provide solutions for facility managers to help keep their buildings looking their best.

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