Great Solutions in Concrete Finishes

November 23, 2009

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Concrete finishes are shedding their reputation for mere durability and practicality, although these virtues are good enough in themselves. These days, more and more industrial and commercial applications involve the innovative use of concrete finishes that enhance the decorative appeal of any parts of the facility. Creative new solutions have transformed the concrete from a grey slab meant to be covered with more eye-pleasing tiles or carpets, into increasingly popular concrete finishes that are a unique blend of the practical, functional and stunning beauty.

Some great solutions in concrete finishes include polishing concrete into a pleasing form, or pre-curing the concrete finishes and turn it into stunning works of art. Innovative post-curing techniques also produce concrete finishes that resemble an artist’s canvass, beautifying lobbies and hallways in any facility. Concrete overlays, and extremely functional radiant heat concrete finishes, are also some great solutions in concrete finishes that are becoming more popular.

These concrete finishes are not only very pleasing in appearance, they are also environment-friendly. Concrete adjusts to changing weather temperatures, hence it is very energy-efficient. And because concrete finishes do not rely on chemicals and toxic adhesives in their application, health risks are reduced for building tenants and clients.

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