Green Benefits of Recycled Paints

February 25, 2009

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Facility managers are becoming more and more aware that using green products like recycled paints and coatings to their building and maintenance projects lessen the harmful impact of such projects to the environment while gaining significant cost reductions. Recycled paints and coatings are also known to offer high quality performance and can compete for product quality when compared with ordinary paints.

What makes recycled paints and coatings environment-friendly? One important factor is that the uses of recycled paints lessen waste emissions. That lessens the danger and complexity of waste disposal activities, which in turn decreases the chances of leaving environmental hazards during the process of disposal.

Another very important benefit in using recycled paints and coatings is the significant amount of savings that can be realized from building projects involving recycled paints. The cost-savings come mostly from lower expenses, zero waste disposal costs and, because recycled paints are produced locally, significant decrease in transportation costs.

The factors mentioned are substantiated by a recent performance and price comparison conducted to compare recycled and non-recycled paints. The comparison confirmed what is more or less obvious, that recycled paints are economically and environmentally viable.

The case of the Portland Water Bureau is a good example of the benefits of recycled paint. When the Water Bureau needed to re-paint their water tanks, they used recycled paint completely for the project. Doing so resulted to 75% lesser project expenditures. The project realized nearly $3,500 savings because of the use of recycled paints.

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