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March 12, 2009

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As the green building construction boom becomes widely popular due to the large cost savings and environmental benefits that can be achieved, green paints and coatings are also becoming a necessity for painting contractors who want to deliver quality green building projects.

What constitutes a green building? According to certification standards, green buildings are environment-friendly structures that use only ecologically-friendly materials in construction, and releases non-toxic hazards and substances that may cause harm to the environment and to human beings. Furthermore, green buildings are sustainable structures that are efficient to maintain, using lesser power, energy and water consumption to operate. Green buildings are therefore much more cost-beneficial compared to non-green buildings.

Painting contractors adopt the use of eco-friendly paints and coatings in their green building projects. Paints that have lower VOCs or volatile organic compounds are preferred by painting contractors and facility managers because green paints not only deliver the same high-quality performance as regular paints, but they are also less hazardous to building tenants and are more cost-efficient and viable in the longer term.

The green building trend and the green paint requirement for green buildings cascades down to the need for green raw materials. Paint manufacturers and supplier respond with low-VOCs formulation that makes the process of paint manufacturing, application, and post-application more environment-friendly.

With such a layered response from all major stakeholders, the green building movement is really fast becoming a reality. And with the green building boom, the future is bright for the environment.

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