Green Coatings for Commercial Office Spaces

April 16, 2015

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Modern businesses are placing a greater emphasis on environmentally friendly measures that range from packaging and procedures to paint jobs. Sustainability is important to many commercial and industrial facilities, both out of genuine interest in preserving the environment, and from a business standpoint. Green policies help to show customers that your company is committed to environmental responsibility.

One of the newest areas in this new, more conscious era is the use of green coatings. In fact, recent laws affect California commercial painting contractors as the state leads the way in requiring higher environmental standards for paint products

Zero- and low-VOC paint

Volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, are gaseous byproducts of various solids or liquids that have adverse short-term and long-term health effects. One of the primary examples of a VOC is the solvent used in latex-based paints.

In an effort to improve the environment, paint companies are encouraged to produce paints that are low-VOC or free of these toxic compounds. This has been accomplished with water-based and milk-based paint, as well as acrylic paint. These types of green coatings are available in the same range of colors as traditional latex paint. However, commercial painting contractors must be experienced in working with these coatings, as they require more coats to achieve the same effect.

Organic coatings

Some paint manufacturers are working with sustainable raw materials to produce environmentally friendly paints. Soy-based products and sunflower oil have been used in some green coatings with success. Again, these environmentally friendly paints can be created in a wide range of colors, so industrial and commercial facilities are not limited in color schemes when they choose green paint.

California commercial and industrial facilities may be required to use low-VOC or zero-VOC paint in certain areas. Check with your commercial painting contractor to find out the rules and regulations about green coatings in your area.

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