Green Commercial Buildings and the EPA

July 8, 2009

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The US Environmental Protection Agency or EPA is at the forefront of the initiatives to turn commercial buildings green. The EPA-led initiative for green commercial buildings has four (4) “flagship” green campaigns to encourage facility owners to undertake the green building transformation.

The first of these green campaigns is the Energy Star program for energy-efficient commercial buildings. The program urges commercial building owners to embark on a major energy efficiency implementation consisting of goal-setting, energy policy creation, and continuous improvement and monitoring of energy utilization. This focus necessitates the adoption of green commercial building painting products and methodologies to make the building energy-efficient.

Another program, the Indoor Environments Program, defines the indoor air quality (IAQ) and indoor environment quality (IEQ) for commercial facilities. Improving indoor ventilation means eliminating pollutants like the VOC emissions coming from commercial building painting products.

The Water Program drives water conservation in commercial buildings, and outlines the need for a committed team to champion the program within the facility. Implementing the Water Program entails the use of the proper equipments for water conservation and use, and a communication plan to encourage building tenants to participate in water conservation.

The reduction, reuse, and recycling program involve guidelines on proper waste disposal, and a listing of local recycling plants and waste haulers. This covers commercial building painting waste disposal, encouraging post-painting activities to be carefully implemented to prevent the release of VOCs in the atmosphere.

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