Green Consumers and Environmentally-Sensitive Coatings

June 15, 2009

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The undeniably harmful effects of certain chemicals and substances to the environment has increased the concerns in all levels of government – federal, state and local – that the harmful emissions will have detrimental and even irreversible effects to the quality of the air we breath. This concern has lead to stricter legislations that have since driven all sectors of society to take decisive action in lessening and even preventing the release of these toxic and damaging substances to the atmosphere.

The construction industry, in particular, has long been known to be a major contributor of hazardous toxins to the environment. Specifically, commercial building painting is rife with ecological pollutants, found mainly in painting products that release toxic chemicals in nearly all stages of the painting application process. High-VOC primers, toxin-mixed solvents and coatings, or post-cleanup contaminants – nearly all aspects of commercial building painting releases ecologically-hostile substances. Even waste disposal of post-project coatings is known to emit environment-damaging substances to the air.

With stricter environmental standards and regulations covering the construction industry and the painting industry in particular, coupled with the active drive of the government urging stakeholders to comply, the average consumer has become aware of the need for low- and zero-VOC coatings in commercial building painting.

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