Green Design for Commercial Buildings

July 7, 2009

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One of the important steps taken by the commercial building industry to lessen harmful VOC emissions being released to the environment is to begin the green initiative as early as in the design stage.

Teams of architects and designers are conceptualizing green buildings in their drawing boards, infusing environment-friendly ideas in their schematic designs. They come up with innovative ways to conserve energy, preserve water, dispose waste properly, and lessen VOC emissions from construction materials used in building construction, such as in commercial building painting products.

To design the green commercial building, planners often conduct an ocular inspection of the building site, taking in the natural condition of the area. This inspection provides designers with ideas on how to design the facility with enhanced energy efficiency, such as using natural light and shading to improve cooling and lighting in the facility, lessening energy costs. Water conservation is also a main criterion in the design of the green building.

Another integral part of the green building design is the use of ecologically-friendly commercial building painting products and application methods. To adhere to green standards, commercial building painting products that are less toxic and emit low- to zero-VOCS are used. Any commercial building painting product or technology that release toxic substances are often not included in a green building design.

This is because ecologically-conscious building designers aim to use only the right technologies, tools, and materials that increase the quality of the building but do little to harm the environment.

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