Green Facilities Need not be Costly

July 29, 2009

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With building tenants demanding to stay in more eco-friendly facilities, building owners are keen in implementing a green environmental policy to keep tenants satisfied. Painting companies who provide coating services to these facilities need to adhere to the green requirements, as a result.

Facility managers need the help of a key group of people who can manage the green initiatives, composed of service and maintenance groups, a LEED expert, representatives from the tenant, and inputs from external service contractors like the painting company who provides coating maintenance to the facility.

One of the common impressions about green initiatives is that it could be costly to the facility. In the case of coating products to use for repair and maintenance works, painting companies that use alternatives to harmful solvents and paints may accrue higher cost on low- and zero-VOC paints, but with manufacturers working hard at the drawing boards, the advent of less-expensive eco-friendly paints is already a reality in the market.

When faced with buying a new equipment or product which is more eco-friendly than the norm, facility managers need to consider that although green products may be more costly than regular ones, but returns on investment will be greater because green products last longer and at the same time lower other costs. For instance, the green paint that a painting company applied on the facility saves on health and medical bills and irate tenants that are far costlier than the actual cost of clean and safer breathing air.

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