Green Paint Technology for Painting Contractors

March 9, 2009

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With cost-savings becoming a top priority because of the current economic crisis, facility managers are appreciative of the environmental and cost benefits of maintaining a green building. The decline in the construction industry brought about by the financial downturn has made green building a very viable alternative, getting wider attention from construction stakeholders who welcome the idea of a non-polluting and environment-friendly method of construction, that at the same time provide significant cost reductions to construction and maintenance projects.

The green building boom encourages painting contractors to use green paints and coatings using inventive green raw materials. Painting contractors know that paint and coatings act as the first layer of protection in green building surfaces, and thus play a crucial role in making any building green. For green projects, painting contractors often prefer to use paints that emit zero toxic hazards to the environment and lessen the health risk to humans.

The construction industry’s interest in green building projects provides impetus to paint manufacturers and raw material suppliers to develop environment-friendly paint products and materials that comply with environment-safety standards and do not lose the expected quality performance. The results of these development efforts lead to a wider choice of green paints and coatings out in the market today for painting contractors and building owners to choose from.

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