Green Paints and Coatings for Green Buildings

March 4, 2009

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One of the major reasons why a green building is eco-friendly is the type of paint applied on its surface. The most visible aspect of any building, and one that often comes in close contact with building occupants, is the building’s painted surfaces. Green buildings need green paints and coatings to be completely environment-friendly because green external coatings provide protection and safety against environmental risks and toxic emission hazards.

Commercial painting contractors and building owners turn to green paintings and coatings to turn their buildings green, and paint manufacturers and suppliers respond by coming up with the most innovative painting solutions and methodologies. Commercial painting contractors and building owners can now choose from a wide variety of paint formulations that feature zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emissions, dirt resistance, and green manufacturing processes.

Raw material paint suppliers have also made green breakthroughs with products ranging from enhanced emulsion polymers that produce low-VOC, low-odor, APE-free, UV-resistant paints, eliminating the need for dangerous coalescent agents. Other green product enhancements are quick-apply and low-wastage paints that lower the health risks to commercial painting contractors during the application process. IR-reflective paint pigments for heat-transfer reduction also result to lower heating and cooling expenses.

Driven mainly by consumers’ growing awareness of the advantages of eco-friendly buildings and materials, commercial painting contractors are also going undergoing tests and certifications to become compliant with environment-safety standards and regulations.

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