Green Paints for Commercial Buildings

July 9, 2009

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The commercial building industry releases significant quantities of pollutants in the atmosphere. One of the major contributors to air pollution are painting products that contain high-VOCs in their formulation. Since painting products are the most visible and tangible components of a building, green commercial building painting products are a prerequisite in green commercial buildings.

To satisfy the equation of “green paints equal green buildings,” a wide array of green formulations have come out of commercial building painting manufacturer’s laboratories. Low- to zero-VOC formulations of solvents, primers, and coatings are out in the market, increasing the choices for facility managers when it comes to green commercial building painting products to use in their facilities. The use of water-based low- to zero-VOC paints, in particular, is gaining popularity because lesser carbon footprints are being released in the atmosphere. Facility managers are also consciously avoiding commercial building painting products with heavy metal components that can bring great health risks to building tenants.

Green formulations come with green methodologies for the proper handling, mixing, and application of green commercial building painting products, including their proper end-of-life waste disposal and recycling to lessen harmful environmental impacts.

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