Green Preparations Equals Green Coating Applications

September 14, 2010

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Before painting contractors actually implement the facility’s green coatings applications, they begin with surface preparation and cleanup. The surface preparation must be green at the onset. The first of these tasks is ensuring that any objects within the facility where green coatings are to be applied should be protected — to avoid damaging them. When covering up furniture, floors and facility properties use old sheets instead of plastic. If a plastic cover is unavoidable, opt for bio-degradable and non-toxic plastic sheetings.

In cleaning the surfaces prior to green coatings applications, use non-irritant full concentrate cleaners and degreasers instead of the regular products that contain TSPs or trisodium phosphates. These TSP-based products are ecologically harmful and are dangerous to the respiratory system. An eco-friendly concentrate can be diluted in large quantities of water and can clean wider surfaces, using fewer chemicals in the process.

In areas that are cracked or damaged, no green coatings applications will be applied without patching or sealing the surface first. Many green coatings manufacturers offer non-VOC products that effectively patch, seal and caulk surfaces.

Sanding and scraping tools should be eco-friendly and of good quality. Even when quality tools cost a bit more, they deliver good work and last far longer than ordinary tools.

Quality tools and products, less chemicals, less VOCs emissions, less wastes for the landfills, faster time to implement tasks, and a careful attitude are needed to successfully execute green surface preparations prior to actual green coatings application.

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