Green Raw Materials for Paints

March 11, 2009

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Green paints for green buildings are becoming more popular to painting contractors, spurred by the green building construction boom. As paint manufacturers research and develop new paints and coatings that are eco-friendly and non-threatening to the environment, suppliers of raw materials for paints are also compelled to follow suit to supply green materials needed to create green paints.

Raw material paint suppliers have developed a new line of emulsion polymers, for instance, that help paint manufacturers develop low-VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and low-odor paints. This innovation on emulsion polymers eliminates the need for detrimental coalescent agents when paint is manufactured.

Raw material suppliers also developed a wide selection of low-VOC zero-formaldehyde solutions, neutral-PH wet-state preservatives, multi-purpose additives and dry films to aid the manufacture of green paints. Paint manufacturers use these raw materials to formulate paints and coatings that do not emit harmful toxins to the environment and pose health risks to painting contractors and building users.

Suppliers’ efforts to lessen VOCs emission and comply with environmental standards produced green ingredients that are suitable for all types of coating applications and shorten the application and drying time of paints, to the advantage of painting contractors who are at risk of exposure to harmful chemicals during application time, and building residents exposed constantly to released toxins in the air in their day-to-day lives. Some raw materials even have biocidal characteristics that make paint manufacturing safer and easier to apply by painting contractors.

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