Green Survival Guide for Building Owners and Managers

July 27, 2009

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With consumers being more environment-conscious than ever, businesses are compelled to abide by their clients’ demands for cleaner and more efficient products, in order to increase sales and remain marketably competitive.

The green-conscious building tenant in many ways also affects a painting company providing industrial and commercial painting services. Facility managers aiming to satisfy tenants come up with sound environmental policies that cover the greenest practices and products. Since painting companies provide coating services to facilities, indoor and outdoor air quality is directly affected by the quality of coatings applied by the painting company contracted to do the job. The need for low-to zero-voc painting products compel facility managers to choose only the appropriate painting company who can use these products and apply them properly in the facility.

In creating the environmental policy of the building or facility, facility managers must rely on expert suppliers or contractors to advice on green practices for the building, such as a green-conscious painting company who can advise on the best painting products and methodologies to use. In the implementation of the environmental plan for the facility, service suppliers such as painting companies should have the capability to comply with the facility’s green requirements. More importantly, only service contractors or painting companies that have a serious commitment to the facility’s environment initiatives should be chosen by facility managers to make the environmental plan succeed.

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